Make a Lot of Cards Fast with the Brother Scan and Cut

Make a Lot of Cards Fast with the Brother Scan and Cut

Hi Friends!  Today I’m going to send you over to my YouTube channel to watch the Brother Scan and Cut in action. If you want to make a lot of the same card quickly, the Brother Scan and Cut is the answer for you!

Die-Cutting Options

As you know, Stampin’ Up! removed the Big Shot from the current 2019-20 catalog.  They are busy behind-the-scenes coming up with a new and improved die-cut option for you.

Many of you own the Big Shot or another die-cut machine, so Stampin’ Up! continues to sell framelits, thinlets, and embossing folders that coordinate perfectly with their stamp sets.

As you heard in the video, I talk about how, when I create a card, I make 24 of the same design.  I package them and sell them, I give them as gifts, and occasionally I need to send one!

Even when I purchased two sets of the same dies so I could double-up on my efforts, it still took for forever to crank out several of the same pieces.  For example, look at the card below.  There are THREE die-cut flowers and two die-cut leaves.  Multiply that by 24 and you can see how it would take me a really, really, really long time to complete a card.

brother scan and cut dx125


Brother Scan and Cut DX125


Enter the Brother Scan and Cut DX125.  It is amazing!!!!  Watch it in action on my YouTube channel.  (If you don’t want to listen to my babbling, you can fast-forward the video to the 6 minute mark where you will start to see the machine doing its thing!)

The machine can do soooo many wonderful things (you can even design and cut your own stamps!) but I’m definitely not a pro.  I’ve been using it as a replacement for the Big Shot, so I honestly haven’t investigated all of the machine’s potential.

Purchase the Brother Scan and Cut!

I scoured the internet to find you the very best price for the machine.  I found it HERE!  (I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means that if you purchase via my link, Amazon will pay me a (very small) commission.  You won’t pay any additional fee if you purchase it through me or through Amazon directly.  However, the money from Amazon helps me to pay for supplies and to pay website fees.) I’ll post a permanent link on my sidebar in case you “want to think about it” and come back later!!  🙂


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