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Craft Show Display Ideas for Greeting Card Vendors

It’s almost October, which means its time for holiday bazaars and craft shows to begin filling up our weekends.  A couple of years ago I participated in a craft show and I want to share with you my craft show display ideas for greeting card vendors. I had a few things that I imagined in my head of things that I wanted and, more importantly, that I didn’t want, my display to look like.

  • to display my cards in baskets on tables
  • have to depend on a lot of other people to help with set-up/take-down
  • want to use anything too heavy for me to lift on my own
  • to have my booth look like something out of a country fair.  That’s just not my style.


  • a glamorous booth
  • the cards displayed at eye level
  • something out-of-the-box
  • something I could, if needed, set up and take down on my own

craft show display ideas for greeting card vendors

I really wish I could remember my thought process for coming up with my final idea.  I know my thoughts went from hanging the cards on something to hanging the cards on Christmas trees, to hanging the cards on lighted trees.  I was really happy with the final outcome.  People even asked me if the show organizers were going to hand out prizes for the best booth. (Um…they didn’t even have a Facebook page for the event, so no, prizes didn’t enter their minds.  WARNING:  before you sign up to do a show, find out how the show will be promoted.  If the organizers don’t have a social media prescence, run!)

Here is a look at the three tables I used.  I had a 10′ x 10′ booth, so I set the tables in an upside-down “U” formation, leaving room on the upper sides for chairs and supplies.

craft show display ideas for greeting card vendors

Each table had two 4′ white trees with LED lights built into them, except for the back table, which only had one tree.  I used the back table as the “Welcome” table.  It is where I kept all of the signage and important info, like “We Accept All Major Credit Cards,” info about placing online orders, business cards, etc.

I sold my cards in packages of eight.  I put each set of cards in a cello bag and tied the bag with hemp twine.  I used plain wooden clothespins to pin the packages to the trees.  Next to each tree I placed a sign with a display of each card in the package.  To take up table space, I put some single cards in baskets (which helped to increase sales) and added a little Christmas décor.


Here is the master list of the supplies I used:

3 tables
3 tablecloths (
5 LED white trees (
black poster board (dollar store)
plate stands to hold the posters (hobby lobby)
clothespins (dollar store)
miscellaneous Christmas décor (my house)
electrical extension cords
I was able to carry in and set up the entire display by myself, with the help of a dolly to haul in the heavy tables.  The only help I needed was from my dad, who rigged all of the extension cords so that they could all fit into one outlet thingy.

The best part about my display was that all of the items I purchased can be re-purposed.  I have used the Christmas trees around the house as part of our family Christmas decorations and who doesn’t need a long white tablecloth every now and then, right?

Good luck with your craft show endeavors!  Share your ideas in the comments section!!

4 thoughts on “Craft Show Display Ideas: Greeting Card Vendors

  • Letha Kay

    Great ideas! Also, think about putting bed risers (sp?) under your table legs to bring the table levels up higher so customers don’t have to ben over. Everyone commented about how they liked the height.

  • Tracey

    Hello, I just found you on Pinterest. Your display is lovely. I know it’s been years, but how well did your greeting card craft show turn out? What were your package asking price?

    • Charlene Harreveld Post author

      Hi! The craft show went well because I gained ONE customer who is still to this day my very best customer. I would not do it again, though. This particular show did not promote the show at all on social media. I would make sure that any show I did now was heavily promoted on social media. I don’t remember what I charged. I think $25 a pack?

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