October 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit: Alternate Idea Number One

Is fall in the air where you live?  I can’t believe that Halloween is this Saturday because as usual, it is 79 degrees and sunny outside.  I live in south Florida in the land of eternal summer.  I can’t look outside and easily be reminded of what season it is.  My mind usually plays tricks on me.  I know that a holiday is approaching, but because it is always warm outside and the palm trees are always green, I have to picture a calendar in my head to know what holiday it is.

Another way to be reminded of what holiday is approaching is to work on the current Paper Pumpkin Kit.  One of the many reasons why I love Paper Pumpkin is because the kits are timely.  Remember last month’s Halloween treat bags?  I have the bags displayed around my house serving as decorations while I await the spooky holiday’s arrival.  The October 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit is no exception.  As I describe in the reveal video here, the colors used in this month’s kit are perfect for fall.  They aren’t what you would initially expect to see as fall color combos (old olive, watermelon wonder, hello honey, crumb cake) but they work!

After I assemble one of each of the contents of the Paper Pumpkin kit the way the kit is intended, I like to let my creative juices flow a little bit and come up with alternative ideas.  Here is a pic of the way the note card is intended:

stampin up paper pumpkin october 2015

My first alternate idea for the the October 2015 Paper Pumpkin kit is this little 3″ x 3″ butterfly note card:

stampin up paper pumpkin october 2015

stampin up paper pumpkin october 2015

It’s great to be able to have the basic elements that are included in the kit and then add to them if you so desire.  That is why I love what I do so much!  There is no end to the creative possibilities!

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